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"sitting with it"
The Pilot Episode of Anamorphosis
"sitting with it"

Episode One Synopsis

Annie is a young woman who awakens on the morning of her birthday, immediately met with the anxieties of those who have already texted her, those she will talk to, and how she will cover up her disdain for the day ahead. We watch as Annie must combat and overcome the uncontrollable fears and anxieties arising from daily mundane tasks. A psychologist, neuroscientist, psychiatrist and someone afflicted with anxiety provide an in-depth explanation of the emotional turmoil stemming from anxiety along with a path forward for greater connection, support, and compassion.

**This series is certified by NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness) as a research based project. Once completed, the project can be used as an educational tool to help others learn about mental illness, and how to better live with it. 

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