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anamorphosis [ an-uh-mawr-fuh-sis, -mawr-foh-sis ]



  1. A drawing or art form presenting a distorted image that appears in natural form under certain conditions, as when viewed at a raking angle or reflected from a curved mirror.

  2. Zoology, Entomology. the gradual change in form from one type to another during the evolution of a group of organisms.

  3. (in certain arthropods) metamorphosis in which body parts or segments are added to those already present.

A Little About Why We Create

We are filmmakers who create content to educate, inspire and unify. We examine the experiences of trauma victims by creating research-based films to educate our viewers. We strive to inspire empathy for those who have suffered in ways we cannot fully grasp.

The goal of our work is to generate positive change by unearthing stories about individuals who have been rendered voiceless for far too long. And that by doing so, the world can become a more unified and loving place. 

Warm regards,


CEO of Anamorphosis Productions

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