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A Little About Me

Raised in Austin, Texas, I'm proud to say it's absolutely as weird as you may have heard it is. I now reside in Los Angeles, where my parents grew up. I am reminded of the world outside of myself when I tell them of a place I've newly discovered and they quickly remind me it's been here since the 60s.

I wish to act in dramatic film and television that helps inspire, educate and unify. I believe that all forms of art have this ability and am personally passioned by the idea of creating positive change in the world through my work. I am grateful for the people before me who have paved the way for us to be able to stand up, speak out and work in the industry unlike ever before. I believe that all living creatures deserve a voice, and will work to support this belief. 

In order to find balance for the darker topics I often work on; I am always looking for ways to see the beauty life has to offer me. I find inspiration from many avenues, throwing myself into the unexpected and often searching in the unknown.

I am an active traveler and yoga instructor, that is always striving to be a better person. Traveling, both physically and mentally, has been humbling, and enlightening.

Thank you for reading!

Warm regards,

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